• Animal charities are perhaps the most altruistic forms of charity considering they cannot acknowledge or reciprocate the generosity of their donors. Having helped the most vulnerable will give you an enormous sense of satisfaction.

  • As a nonprofit organization, the JAMES PET CEMETERY, the flagship cemetery of People for Animals, is entirely dependent on public donations to continue its vital work. The donations will be used to establish our burial services.

  • If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, the following items are always needed:

    1. Dog food ,dry or canned
    2. Cat food, dry or canned
    3. Blankets
    4. Towels
    5. Rice
    6. Meat
    7. Annual vaccinations for Adult animals
    8. Tick Spray
    9. Cement bowl for feeding street animals
  • Donations can also be made via PayPal.

  • Donations from outside India can also sent through PAYPAL to