This cemetery is not running for profit motive,it's running only for service motive. Kindly donate us to establish our services.

  • Many of us struggle at the thought of leaving our beloved pets behind at a Natural death/sickness/veterinary clinic when they have passed away. At the James pet cemetery crematorium, we provide a compassionate, dignified alternative for your departed cherished friend.

  • Our purpose-built facility is the most modern, fully approved, crematorium in Chennai. We are the first pet crematorium in Chennai and offer our services statewide.

  • At James pet cemetery, we know that pets often are the James pet cemetery of our families, and deserve the very best at the end of their life. we are here for you when it’s time to say goodbye.

  • The loss of a pet can be a very upsetting experience. Having provided you with love and affection throughout their life a much-loved family member deserves to be treated with dignity when they pass away. We offer a choice of services for you to give them a dignified service.

  • Domestic pet Cremation

    1. Individual pet Cremation
    2. Selection of carefully chosen caskets
    3. Burial of ashes in landscaped garden
    4. Simple communal Cremation
    5. Pet burial
    6. Domestic pet burial
    7. Permanent memorial
    8. Choice of headstones
    9. Fully lined burial Caskets
    10. Buried in landscaped gardens
Divya R

" When my pet was lost we don’t even know where to keep him safe and secured because he s not just a dog in my life he is my son my one and only happiness. I struggled a lot to keep him in a safe place I searched and searched finally I had there contact they them self came to r home took him keep in a safe and peaceful place. Now I can go and see him resting in peace when ever I want to. I need to thank this people’s who gave a place for a pets no one ever is there to do this in Chennai they helped a lot I thank you so much for helping my son to rest in the peace 🙏

Kaviya S

" I lost my girl today 🐶The only consolation for me is ensuring a proper send off and rituals .💯Thank you Jim pet cemetery for your timely help and Immediate response, excellent service It's a great place for my pet to Rest in peace 🙏

Rajakumar D

" It was a great loss for our entire family, when we lost our Labrador Poppy. We wanted to give him a proper burial and Jim Pet Cemetery made it happen. It's not just the owner, but even the staff members were polite. They gave respect to our emotions. They performed the rituals in a great manner and even suggested us on how to give a proper burial. I would call them 'Gate Keepers' and they'll be blessed for their great hearts.


In a new, eco-friendly service, you can create a memorial tree, which means that your dear friend can remain with you forever, not only in your heart and memories but in your home where you spent such precious time together. Something truly special and something that will remind you of your little bundle of joy. Ashes can be placed in a biodegradable urn to grow a memorial palm tree/rose, which is more than just an urn, as you are able to take care of your beloved pet every day.


When we pick it up from your home or veterinarian clinic, we will require a cash deposit. For the burial process, the full amount is paid in advance. The burial process will not begin if the fees are not paid by bank transfer/Google Pay by using the QR code. The burial fees/Donations are non-refundable once they have been paid. When you have so much affection for your pets, will you not become sad if one of them dies? James's pet cemetery treats all animals and humans equally.